My latest novel, A Box of Birds, is published in its trade paperback edition. The special hardback edition is still available at the Unbound site.

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‘Arrestingly good prose’ FT


Pieces of Light is published in the US by Harper Perennial and in the UK by Profile.

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‘An immense pleasure’ New Scientist


News: My new book is entitled The Voices Within: The history and science of how we talk to ourselves. It is published by Profile Books/Wellcome Collection in the UK and forthcoming from Basic Books in the US (October 2016).


The Voices Within has been reviewed in the Guardian, Observer, Sunday Times, Lancet, Literary Review Mail on Sunday and Nature. It was picked as a top spring science book by Nature. An abridged extract was published by BBC Future.

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‘Profound and eloquent’ Nature


Pieces of Light was shortlisted for the 2013 Royal Society Winton Prize for Science Books, the Best Book of Ideas Prize, the Society of Biology Book Awards and the 2015 Transmission Prize. It was a science book of the year in the Independent, Sunday Times and New Scientist.

  A new short story will appear in Fill Your Heart: Writers on Bowie (Unbound, January 2017). Pledge support for this crowdfunded volume here.

My first non-fiction book, The Baby in the Mirror, is published by Granta Books.

Beautifully poetic’ Jad Abumrad, New York Times


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